De uføre etter 1.1.2015

Det har vært mye kiving på Facebook i det siste, men etter mye om og men har jeg bestemt meg for å støtte ULO

For meg virker de som de mest seriøse 🙂 Dette skal være en interesseorganisasjon og tverrpolitisk, ikke partiavhengig.  Ledelsen har oppfattet at det og være seriøs, hyggelig og saklig er den formen man får mest støtte for.

Så er du ufør så lik gjerne siden deres på facebook  Gruppen er lukket så du må be om medlemsskap.

Motto er retten til ett verdig liv   —— jo flere jo bedre 




Vell jeg har bare kommet til side 13 i denne boka, men der var det ett bilde av noen brødre i sitt helgebad i sinkbaljene. Da måtte jeg jo bare finne fram ett bilde av meg selv i sinkbalje.

Vi koste oss der på kjøkkengulvet, etter at mormor hadde varmet opp vann på den gamle magasinkomfyren noe ala dette, vi hadde jo ikke varmt vann 🙂

SFFf 1997070 0014


Bøker jeg leser og skal lese

I går fikk jeg en bok i gave av den sorten jeg liker best 🙂
En historisk skildring av oppvokst, lokalhistorie, med bilder og historier.

Dette gir meg en fantastisk innsikt hvordan det var i hine hårde dager når man selv vokste opp og som man kan nikke gjenkjennende til selv om det ikke er samme plassen.

Skal komme mer tilbake til denne boken når jeg har lest den 🙂 Håper forfatteren tilgir meg når det skjer


Bildet er fra nærområdet 🙂

Bertrand and Scott Taylor were making their second appearance

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She first noticed her grays in college, at the age of 18

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If there were any issues at all with them

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For those not familiar with the genre

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The pain in my chest was unbearable

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The focus this year is more on vibrant colors

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InterventionsGroup A Training with body weight support was performed on a Woodway Locosystem treadmill (Woodway USA, Inc., Foster, CT swimsuits, USA), which enabled coupling to the Orbitador weight support system (Expans Ltda., S Paulo, Brazil). The training consisted of the following: (1) passive stretching for 30 for all muscle groups of the lower limbs, taking around 8 in total, (2) passive mobilization of the hip, knee and ankle joints for 5 (3) positioning the patient on the treadmill using the weight support formed by a parachute harness that stabilizes the pelvic region and trunk, (4) use of a pulley system to keep the patient suspended, thereby eliminating some of the body weight that would be placed on the lower limbs and (5) individual assessment of each patient during the first session to define the percentage of off loaded body weight and the duration and velocity of the treadmill training. The training began with 40 off loading of body weight.

When I arrive, I discover it’s not possible to set up a camp. You can’t establish permanent ownership of the benches in the airport and as soon as you move, someone takes your seat. Of course, there are to be no bags left unattended, for obvious reasons, and there is a constant loudspeaker announcement that won’t let you forget it.

Even when a design shoot is staged to look natural fire blazing in the hearth; dad at the dining table, joshing with the kids over Sunday night take out there is obviously much that is missing from the picture. The support staff, for instance, who make such a scene (and by extension its real life counterpart) possible and pristine. Painter Ramiro Gomez has made it his mission to render visible those invisible workers.

Country houses in the depths of the countryside are fantastic for enjoying long, hearty walks, massive meals and super romantic times in your likely to be splendiferous bedroom (think plumped up four poster beds, roaring fireplaces and sumptuous antique furnishing. Plus breakfasts in bed with all the trimmings!) On the clothes side of things, you should pack some essential Hunter walking wellies, a coat (blue skies can be duly prayed for, but it only practical to expect a spot of traditional English wind and rain!), at least one beautiful evening dress for a grand meal at the restaurant. With your lingerie, channel the English Rose look with a naughty but nice white lace basque and silk stockings..

Nasdaq OMX shares, sensitive to pending regulatory changes,

We have another sensor which is a temperature sensor. It measures the temperature of the water. And then very importantly we have another sensor which is atmospheric pressure sensor. Wow. Just wow. It is better to keep quite and have people assume you an idiot than to write what you just wrote and prove it outright! Cannabis is in no way shape or form a gateway drug.

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